Greenhero Pro Paint System MPS Spray Gun Cup Adapter 843 - Converts Full-Size Spray Guns, Finishline for Use with Greenhero Paint System MPS Disposable Spray Gun Cup Liners & Lid System

  • Brand:Greenhero
  • Model MPS-843
  • Availability: 1000

  • $14.99

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✔ Greenhero Pro Paint System MPS Spray Gun Cup Adapter, Part number. 3/8" Male Adapter with 19 thread BSP. A very durable adapter made with exacting precision to screw into a spray gun's gravity cup mount smoothly.

✔ This MPS spray gun cup adapter allows you to convert your new or existing spray gun for use with the Greenhero Paint System MPS Disposable Paint Spray Gun Cup Liners and Lid System.

✔ The 843 adapter fits most full-size spray guns. 

✔ Dramatically increase your spraying efficiency and overall productivity by saving time, labor, waste, and money using the MPS disposable cup system! Reduce your paint material waste and cleaning solvent waste while at the same time eliminating the cost and labor associated with cleaning traditional metal gun cups and the need for mixing cups and paint cans.

✔ Greenhero Pro Spray Guns, MPS disposable cup system works excellent with all types of paints, primers, epoxies, and commercial coatings. Use the cup system with automotive paint basecoats, clearcoats, topcoats, and primers, as well as with stains, sealers, gel coats, varnishes, urethanes, enamels, and lacquers.
Manufacturer Greenhero Airbrush
Item Weight ‎1.51 ounces
Package Dimensions 10.39 x 8.15 x 1.02 inches

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